A Canadian artist born in Santiago, Chile, María-Teresa Vicencio came to Canada in 1967 and lived in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Québec, London (England) and British Columbia before moving to London, Ontario in 2003.

She has worked in clay since 1973; she studied Oriental brush painting (sumi-é) at the Ottawa School of Art, and Fine Arts and Ceramics at Wandsworth College in London, England. She has also worked at Capilano University’s Advanced Ceramics Programme and at the Malaspina Printmakers Society in Vancouver. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Chile, Japan, England and the USA, and is in private collections in Canada, USA, Chile and England.

My current work aims at translating visual and intellectual experiences into monoprints, a medium I find congenial in its immediacy and spontaneity. Urban landscapes and architectural forms are points of departure, the added image layers reflect the memory traces of my interactions with these landscapes. These experiences can be expressed as images derived from the contemplation of forms and colors -perhaps accidental- that sometimes crystallize into harmony. The aesthetic vision resulting from this process can create its own rhythms that will direct me towards other forms and colors. The objects themselves may disappear and only the visual sensation of the derived abstraction remains.